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"There's always a story and it must be told."

Nearly everyone has a "story" to tell about how they got a particular car... here are a few stories you may enjoy. Want to add yours? Contact Brian by clicking here.

Dominic Perodeau's T360

by: Dominic Perodeau

Hi Brian

History is, Honda UK prior to being at Canary Wharf in the 1960's they had a logistics centre on Ilkeston Road, Nottingham they brought over two T360 trucks for evaluation, one of the trucks was lent for a journalist for a road test and it broke down and was left and subsequently stolen, the other was returned to the Nottingham facility, when the place closed Needham Motors an authorised Honda moped dealer bought the truck to use for collecting breakdowns, it was used for five years until it broke down then replaced with a Austin Mini Pick-Up, it was parked in a tiny yard round the back of the shop.

In 1991 i was having an MOT done on a CX500 motorcycle and my Goldwing i got aquainted with the Needham Bros - mainly Jim Needham who had started the business i had a lot of time to kill as i was stuck in the middle of nowhere in the back streets of the city so i shot the breeze with them and eventually went out to the outhouse, i saw this truck jammed in the corner under a taup and curiousity caused me to lift the cover, i thought at first it was an Indian Bajaj vespa thing but i counted four wheels i further inquired and got the story from Jim.

Weeks of negotciation later i got the truck for $600 UK i got all the bits home and tore the whole thing down, as i was also in the middle of restoring a Volvo Amazon i had contacts for zinc plating so i took as many pieces to the platers and had them dipped to kill the rust and the yellow zinc helped add the missing metal, over the course of 3 months i put the rolling chassis back together and changed the oil and using my motorcycle experiance i managed to reassemble the carborettors - tiny things too...

I then used a car battery and managed to hotwire it and on the 8th crank over it howled into life the noise was deafening even from the old race exhaust id added from my pile of junk, anyhow situation was i broke up with the girlfriend then met many more all the time the truck project lingered, i then married and subsequently divorced and moved back to my parents house giving my house to my late brother he needed the 2nd garage for his Lotus project so we moved it to my parents garage, my mother had passed that year then a year later my father then my brother, with the divorce and all estates finalised i decided to emigrate to Canada so i advertised the truck in the Honda enthusiasts magazine and sold the truck for 900 plus a Moto-Marini 250 motorbike which i sold for 1300 UK pounds - i kept Steve's number in my cell for a year until i emigrated and obviously replaced the cell phone with a US version so i lost contact, Im sure he can be found in the Honda SS500 Club circles in the UK, i would love to know the progress of it as it was a special little thing i wish i had the chance to drive it, but at least i saved it from obscurity and did the bulk of the work, essentially the body needed painting and the last stages of assembly so whatever i did in my opinion was to save a piece of now on reflection very valuable history - lol no i know that there's less than 20 examples worldwide i shoud have kept it for my collection here :-)

If you post this out there on a website id love to have the link



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