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Other Classic Honda Sites
Frappr See where other S car owners are located
Garage Coupe HQ-Japanese Only Another excellent Japanese website.
Garage Iwasa - Japan One of the largest restorers in Japan where I visited back in 1998
Hemmings Motor News October 2007 Hemmings Motor News Article October 2007
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car November 2005 Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Article November 2005 on the restoration of my S600.
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car November 2007 Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Article November 2007 on Ron Zarro's S600.
Honda Car Owners Assoc Our Australian friends' collective site.
Honda Revival My friend Luca's excellent site is available in both English and Italian.
Honda S800 Sports Car Club Our English friends' S800 club website.
Honda Sports 568 - Japan Another large, informational Japanese website
Honda Sports Racing Team Denmark Brian Sorenson's S800 racing website.
Honda Twin Cam Club The Japanese club's website.
HondaS600.com My friend Ellen's site for her S600.
Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog on New York Times Article.
Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog on Jay Leno's SM600 Roadster. (Also mentions yours truly.)
Jay Leno's 1965 SM600 Roadster Photos A photo gallery of Jay's beautiful SM600 showing lots of nice detail shots and some that were taken during restoration.
Jay Leno's 1965 SM600 Roadster Video An awesome video documenting the history and restoration of Jay's beautiful SM600, including some free advertising for yours truly! Yes, I know he calls it a 1964, but it is documented as a 1965, and I've told him so! And yes, I AM mad at him about those carbs!
Jay Leno's Garage I think this one is self-explanatory.
Motor Trend Online - Classic: 1965 Honda S600 My friend Scott's car in an excellent Motor Trend article
My Classic Car - Jay Leno's Honda S600 On this episode of My Classic Car, we're back out in California to check out Jay Leno's Honda S600. Be sure to check out the key fob in the 6th photo! Also, be sure to watch the video preview for Season 13, Episode 10 in the upper right hand corner.
Norman Hart's Honda Sports Cars My friend Norm Hart's S800 website.
Nostalgic Hero Magazine Our friends at Nostalgic Hero Magazine in Japan invited me to link to this page (that they introduced in July of 2010) for the enjoyment of English speaking fans. In their words; "We started Nostalgic Hero's English version homepage in July. It is a page that a part of the car published in the magazine is introduced. Because it wanted many people all over the world to enjoy an old car of Japan, this page was made."
Passion stretches from Middletown to Hollywood Local newspaper article on the Jay Leno Experience
Scott King's Restoration Project My friend Scott King's site for his S600s.
Ship Vehicles They offer a service where you fill out one form and get multiple competitive quotes for auto shipping throughout the US.
The New York Times Auto Ego Feature Audio Slide Show The extra-cool audio slide show that goes along with the article!
The New York Times Wheels Blog Update and cross reference to Auto Ego Article.
This Old Honda Another of my friend Ellen's sites that is for all old Hondas.
Triple S-Car Guys - Canada Our Canadian friends Mike, Jules, and Dave's combined site

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