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Welcome! The Honda Sports Registry is a unique organization, more than 2 decades in the making; dedicated exclusively to the preservation and enjoyment of the Honda S-Series sports cars and their relatives; the T, L, and P-Series commercial cars and trucks. Check out pictures from our Annual S Car Gatherings!

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Although based in the United States, The Registry enjoys a worldwide membership.

Not to be confused with any other organizations that may have previously existed, it may borrow some of their spirit in friendship and camaraderie.

Where it does stand apart, however, is in its intention to be an organization that lives a long and useful life for those people with a desire to get and keep their vehicles in top shape for themselves and future generations to enjoy.

This is an activity based organization-not a magazine subscription. It has sprung forth from years of dedicated research, restoration, and enthusiasm.

It is for those people who have the burning passion for working on and driving these cars. Newsletter and magazine collectors need not apply!

23rd Annual Gathering at Formula H!

Labor Day Weekend August 30th and 31st

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Web Site Instructions for our non-English visitors:

1) Please link to http://babel.altavista.com
2) Enter our web address http://www.hondasportsregistry.com
3) Select "English to (your language)"
4) Click on "Translate"

Looking for an S600 or S800? Visit the For Sale page, updated regularly.

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Looking for Information on S500, S600, S800 or other classic Honda vehicles? You've come to the right place! Visit our About the Cars page to learn more about these models and many more.

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DISCLAIMER: The Honda Sports Registry is in no way affiliated with "S-Series Registry", American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., nor any of their subsidiaries. No relationship is expressed or implied. The terms "Honda" and "S-Series" are used for descriptive purposes only.

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