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Pictures From the 9th Annual S-Car Gathering (2000)
Annual Gatherings are held each year during Labor Day Weekend, at Formula H Motorworks in Middletown, NY. For more information about attending a Gathering, Click Here.

The 2000 S-Car Gathering was great - it was the first year since I started attending in 1997 that not only did I own a car, but we actually brought it to the event. And even better than just having a car there, we actually spent some time working on it! Thanks to Brian's expert help we managed to get the little engine to turn over for the first time in 10 years.

After several hours of working on the car you'd never believe the part that finally stopped us - a very small spring about the size of one you'd find in a click top pen. But guess what - the tension is way different and the spring I borrowed from my pen didn't work. Well - it was fun playing MacGyver for a few minutes.

L-R: Becky and Dave, Brian, Steven (waving) and Joe.
Becky and Dave brought the little maroon car - more on that later,
Brian is the one that puts on this shing-ding, Steven was my favorite
person 2 years ago when he sold us the S-Car, and Joe is my mechanic.
Well OK, Joe is my significant other too.
Here's Alan hamming it up with Frank's S2000.
"Hmm, maybe if I stand here people will think I own it."
Frank and Didi drove their S2000 from South Carolina to NY
to attend the Gathering after reading about it on the website.
Although turn out wasn't as good as Brian had hoped for this millenium year it was still not too bad and to tell you the truth we at least had a great time.

Making so much progress on our little car was worth the frustration and agravation of getting it loaded on the trailer, sinching it down and trying to get a tarp to stay on it at highway speeds. And alot of thanks to Joe for driving the truck and pulling the car while I road in air conditioned comfort in the Civic.

And now for the part of our story where you say... "What!?"

Your mission, Dave, should you choose to accept it, is to fit an S-600 into that pickup truck... Yes I said pickup truck. Don't believe it? Well, neither did I - that's why I took lots of pictures.

Dave gets the ramps in place correctly and lined up to fit the car's wheel spread.
"Oh by the way, did I tell you... Sometimes the brakes lock up." The guys ease the car down the hill just in case.
We're in the home stretch now boys and girls!
Now here's a story Brian will be able to tell people :-) And now there are pictures to prove it.

Come on you can do it! Just one more big push!
And there she is! An S-600 in the back of a pickup truck! All this went rather quickly and without too much excitement believe it or not. No bad mishaps and no one got hurt.

Yes, this is one way to move your classic car from place to place but I have to say that I really prefer our Ringo trailer. It was well worth the price we paid for it, especially after seeing this!

Look for some other interesting pictures as part of Photo of the Day (at www.HondaBeat.com. One of my favorites is Ken's N600 parked next to his Accord.

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