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11th Annual S-Car Gathering: 2002
Annual Gatherings are held each year during Labor Day Weekend, at Formula H Motorworks in Middletown, NY. For more information about attending a Gathering, Click Here.

The 2002 Gathering was a great success! Here's a few pictures that I took in between cleaning carb parts and some that Brian took. We got alot done - completed a carb overhaul and some misc cleaning that needed to get done.

New toy for Brian

Brian's new S800 chain drive - he was giving LOTS of rides this year!

Joe cleaning carbs

Joe cleaning carbs - and man does he look happy!

S600 in the shop

Customer's S600 in the shop for some TLC.

Hard at work!

Hard at work: Steve and Ellen at the back car and Ron in the front, Joe's
trying to hide behind the hood and doing a darn good job.

Cleaning carbs

Ron helps Joe and I with the carb gaskets.

More cleaning

Joe and I doing more cleaning....

Chatham carbs

Well, some of the engine is clean now... come on Joe,
let's do the rest tomorrow, OK?

New gas tank for Chatham

Chatham's nice "new" (refurbished) fuel tank installed.

Cleaner Engine

9/5 Here's a little "post gathering" work on our own... not perfect but it's
MUCH cleaner than it was - you can even read the frame number now :-)

9/10 Stay tuned for pictures of my "new" steering wheel - after 5 days of sanding
I am almost ready to start repairs - I will be sure to post a photo when it's done.

Want to see more of Chatham? He has his very own web site now! HondaS600.com (how's that for a catchy domain name, eh?)

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