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13th Annual S-Car Gathering: 2004
Annual Gatherings are held each year, typically on Labor Day Weekend, at Formula H Motorworks in Middletown, NY. For more information about attending a Gathering, Click Here.

Brian working on Jim B's S600

Here's Brian working on Jim B's S600 coupe. This car lived in Vermont for a number of years. Jim B. and I met up at the large Vermont Stowe Car Show several years ago. He had it brought to Brian's for a long overdue tune up and it's now "running better than it has in the whole 33 years I've owned it" according to Jim :-)

Jim, Brian and Ron

Jim, Brian and Ron confer about Ron's repairs. Ron's car is sporting the one of the 4 known "65 Honda" license plates (he's from Indiana). Also known are Brian's NY plate, Scott's CA plate and John's MD plate. Could VT be next? Not if my Motor Vehicle Dept has anything to say about. Vermont law says you may only have 2 numbers and 5 letters on a vanity plate. The "O" in Honda counts as a number in their book making 65 Honda a non option for me :-(

Joe, Brian, Steven and Ken

Joe, Brian, Steven and Ken check out Jim B's S600.

Ron and Ken

Ron and Ken admiring Ron's work on the engine.

Sadly, there are no pictures of Chatham this year. Our tow vehicle currently has no brakes and it seemed like a good idea not to tow anything without them :-) We did drive the 80 Prelude down for the weekend and got a number of projects completed on that car. (PreludeRestoration.com) Still waiting for our left side metal fender from Canada to arrive as well as the fiberglass wings from England. Hopefully next year by this time both new fenders will be installed along with the floor pans.

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